Teacher, SM Sri Pantai KL (1996)

Contract Lecturer, UiTM (1997-1999)

Lecturer, UiTM (1999-2005)

Senior Lecturer, UiTM (2005-2009)

Associate Professor (2009-present)

Resource Person for Pemikiran & Tamadun Islam Course, InED (2002-2008)

Learning & Seminar Facilitator, InED (2002-2012)

Serial Invited Speaker, RTM1 & RTM Selangor (2000-2005)

Coordinator CITU, UiTM (2001-2004)

University’s e-Learning Team PSPP, UiTM (2002-2003)

Coordinator for University’s ISO e-Document InKA, UiTM (2004)

University’s ISO Team InKA, UiTM (2004-2005)

Fellow iLQaM, UiTM (2004-2006)

SIG (i-Learn) i-Lec, UiTM (2005-2007)

Facilitator & Evaluator for New Lecturer’s Micro Teaching (2005-2007)

Head of PTK Board for Assistant & Young Lecturer (2005-2007)

Examiner for University’s PTK Examination (2005-2007)

University’s Committee Member for APD, UiTM (2005-2008)

Coordinator CITU, UiTM (2007-2008)

Conducted Trainings

Facilitator for Academic Software Workshop (UiTM)

Facilitator for Basic/ Professional Teaching Course (UiTM, TATI University College)

Facilitator for e-Learning Application Course (UiTM, SEAMOLEC Jakarta)

Facilitator for e-Notes Course (UiTM)

Facilitator for e-Learning System Course (UiM)

Facilitator for Integrated Islamic Pre Marriage Course (JAWIP, JAIS)

Speaker for Family Management Course (MPDRM)

Facilitator for Various Motivational Courses (Gov Offices, Organizations, Higher Learning Institutions, Schools)

Presenter/ Facilitator for Seminar Rumahtangga Harmoni (An Nida’ Malaysia)

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2 Responses to Career

  1. mohd asmadi mohd angsor says:

    Salam Dear Assoc Prof,

    I am a practicing lawyer at JB, graduated from IIUM and just grad from Uitm with MBA. Ive been practicing for about 8 years with several experience in a year as Legal Exec in Johor Corporation.

    Recently ive read an advertisement about Citu Uitm for Phd Research Programme.

    Kindly let me have some of your advice and point of view about the prospect of further studying Phd in Citu.

    Im expecting the qualification that enable me to be a lecturer in IPTA because im planning to cease practicing as a lawyer if a have an opportunity be a lecturer.

    Thank You

    Mohd Asmadi

    • MOHD NOR MAMAT says:

      Maaf maybe saya tak perasan belum terjawab…ya, CITU dah mula buka postgraduate registration …actually sepanjang tahun boleh mohon dan akan diadakan interview once a while bila perlu. U are warmly welcomed to start study at CITU….U may call CITU at 0355442670/2650, asking to connect with Dr Azam Adil (Coordinator for PG Programme)… :)

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