Environmental Attitude Among Malaysian!

I have set up an instrument for assessing environmental attitude (EA), customized for Malaysian using Rasch model analysis. Amazingly, so far, I tested the students of environmental-related course at the university…and found very significant findings to be concerned! The questions are:

1. Does assessment today in our educational stream could assess attitude change as the student’s final performance grading?

2. Is attitude change set as learning outcome for especially environmental ethics or awareness course?

3. Did we assess the effects 0r impacts of environmental education, campaigns or advertisments? Or they were only meant for financial waste?

Even amongstudents of  environmental program/ course, they didn’t achieved to be committed pro environmental…and they will be the leaders of environmental-related managers, planners and endorsers.

This will be continued…

This is my post on the Erath Hour Day 2008…

Just to express my feeling…I went home out, having short tour to the City of Shah Alam during Earth Hour! but it was dissapointing..Actually nobody cares about our Earth. Only Mc D and KFC switched off the lights (for 1/2 hour)…and Caltex & Petronas. The rest? Mosque of Shah Alam, MAIS tower, medan selera and owch! killing me!…the i-City was so colourfull with neons and I dont know what to call. Amazingly, hudreds or thousands people were there to celebrate their Sunday night…and they liked global warming or be heated by day to day…


Mohd Nor Mamat is an ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR at the Centre for Islamic Thought and Understanding, Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia (UiTM). He is currently completing his PhD in Education.
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2 Responses to Environmental Attitude Among Malaysian!

  1. lulu says:

    a true environmentalist would not support earth hour….earth hour sounds more like a marketing opportunity to the retailers. Btw, u have spelled wrongly the earth word, please check.

    anyway, supporting environment acts should be done daily (everytime, everywhere) not necessary to be on earth hour. Please check earth day (established in 1970), this event provides more genuine effort in saving the earth.

    • MOHD NOR MAMAT says:

      I’m glad to have this kind of reply…TQ very much. I really agree that conserving environment is our responsibility till the day of last breath…even not daily, it must be minutely or secondly haha. What i was thingking is…our community don’t even care about energy saving, eventhough for 60minutes…Hope we would have better concern for our Earth…
      TQ for sharing, TQ for correction :)

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